Scotialife Accidental Death Insurance

Scotialife Financial offers Accidental Death Insurance plan with that does not require a medical exam to qualify. Key features of the plan:

  • Available for those 18 to 75 years of age.

  • Benefit amount ranges between $2,000 and $350,000. Coverage will halve at age 75 and cease at age 80.

  • Plan is renewed automatically every year.

  • Fixed rates determined only by level of coverage desired. Your premiums are fixed, and are not dependant on your health status.

  • No medical exam or health questions needed to apply.

  • Worldwide coverage, you are protected no matter where you are.

  • Joint insurance options is available, offering 50% normal rates to a spouse under the same coverage.

At Specialty Life, we provide Canadians with a wide array of no medical exam life insurance options, which include a selection of guaranteed acceptance products. Whether you need coverage for short-term or long-term needs, we can help you find your ideal insurance plan at a price you are comfortable with. Apply for a quote now and discover your options.