Over 50 Life Insurance

The demand for life insurance doesn't change as we age, just what we need it for. If you're over 50, the life insurance market provides specialized policies that take into account your coverage needs, your financial situations, and even your state of health.

Whether you still have considerable personal debt, or are simply looking to manage their final affairs, we offer a selection of Over 50s Life Insurance products that can get you the coverage you need on the terms that your situation demands.

We can find you a policy, even if:

  • You're over the age of 50 and still own personal debt.

  • You're concerned your health or age might disqualify you from obtaining life insurance.

  • You have been rejected for coverage in the past.

  • Your budget is restricted due to financial hardship, and you need an affordable plan.

Here at Specialty Life we specialize in no medical exam life insurance plans, designed for getting coverage simple, fast and affordable. Whether you need coverage for long or short-term needs, we can help you find your ideal insurance plan at a price you are comfortable with. Apply for a quote and discover your options.