Seniors Life Insurance

It’s challenging for Canadian seniors to find the right life insurance policy in the traditional market. Age, finances, and health status all play a significant factor in the type of policy you can qualify for, as well as how much you would be expected to pay in premiums for that policy.

That’s why we pride ourselves in looking beyond the traditional market. We offer specialty life insurance solutions specifically designed to help seniors across Canada get the coverage they need.

We offer life insurance policies with eligibility up to age 79, and can find you the right plan:

  • To help you budget for final expenses, no matter what they may be.

  • To get you qualified, even if traditional policies would reject you for health problems.

  • To help you avoid medical exams that may get in the way of providing you with a fair deal on your coverage.

  • That will put you and your family at ease knowing the future is secure.

Here at Specialty Life we specialize in no medical exam life insurance plans, designed for getting coverage simple, fast and affordable. Whether you need coverage for long or short-term needs, we can help you find your ideal insurance plan at a price you are comfortable with. Apply for a quote and discover your options.