Term 100 Life Insurance

Term 100 life insurance is a permanent life insurance plan that remains in force up to age 100. It's lifetime coverage, premiums payable to age 100. What separates term 100 from other permanent life insurance options is the lack of cash value or investment components. This difference makes it the most affordable permanent life insurance on the market.

Is this the right plan for you?

Term 100 is ideal for people looking for a more straightforward permanent life insurance plan. If cash value or investment components don’t interest you and you just want reliable lifelong coverage, a term 100 plan will work best for you. Since this is the most affordable permanent plan, it is often the best policy for people looking to save more on coverage that lasts a lifetime.

What can a Term 100 Life Insurance plan cover?

  • Your family’s way of life - A term 100 plan is an affordable way to ensure that your loved ones’ finances will be secure after you pass away.

  • Business coverage - After putting years into your own business and building it up, it’s completely normal to want to protect it and keep it in your family’s hands. Term 100 will provide the financial coverage needed to ensure your business can continue to run even if something happens to you.

  • Final expenses - Term 100 can also provide coverage for all your final expenses and debts, so your family doesn’t have to worry about covering these costs during a difficult time.

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