Frequently Asked Questions

At Specialty Life, we are experts in affordable, no-medical and guaranteed issue life insurance solutions for Canadians. Our mission is to help you find life insurance with the coverage you need at prices you can afford. Real plans for real people; contact us now and discover your coverage options.

What is the age eligibility for your plans and how long does the coverage last?

Applicants ages 18 through 80 are eligible for Specialty Life plans. We offer term (10, 20, 30) and permanent coverage.

What are the requirements needed to obtain no medical life insurance?

For our guaranteed acceptance plan the only requirements are being a Canadian resident between the ages of 18 to 74. For our simplified issue plans, the requirements are being between the ages of 18-80, having a permanent Canadian address and passing a health questionnaire.

Does my COVID-19 vaccination status affect my eligibility?

Your COVID-19 vaccination status has no effect on your insurance eligibility or existing policy.

Are the premiums fixed for guaranteed issue life insurance or does it change every five years?

For guaranteed issue plans, premiums are reviewed every five years starting at age 35.

I have cancer. Would I still be eligible for guaranteed issue life insurance plan?

Guaranteed issue plans will accept any underlying condition. However, there is a standard 2-year waiting period. Should death occur during this period a full refund of premiums will be processed.

Why does a senior need life insurance?

Life insurance plays a crucial role in financial planning, not only for you but also for your loved ones. With the death benefit that comes with a life insurance plan, you can settle outstanding debts, pay final expenses and, most importantly, provide a financial cushion to your beneficiaries after you pass away. Last but not least, life insurance helps give financial peace of mind to your loved ones should death occur.

If I am in the process of having a kidney transplant, am I still eligible for life insurance?

Guaranteed issue plans will accept any underlying conditions. However there is a 2-year waiting period. We recommend completing our very free quote form to speak with a local licensed agent who can help you learn more about your coverage options.

What is the monthly rate for seniors?

Life insurance is like a tailor-made suit. In the case of guaranteed issue plans, the rate will depend on the amount of coverage, age, gender and smoking status. For term plans, in addition to the above factors, a health questionnaire is used to determine the rate.

After filling out the quote form why can't you give us a quote rather than connect us to a person that asks the same questions?

An insurance advisor is able to assess your needs and offer a plan based on this analysis. The rate you will obtain from an advisor will be your actual premium, not an approximation provided by most online quoting services.