Affordable and Straightforward Over 50 Life Insurance in Quebec

Over 50 life insurance is our unique plan built with ease and simplicity in mind. We have dedicated and licensed agents that work across Quebec that have helped thousands of Canadians get the coverage they need hassle-free.

By removing significant barriers like medical exams and a lengthy application process, we allow more Canadians access to reliable and affordable coverage options. Our team has extensive experience in the over 50 life insurance market and knows the struggles many people 50+ have experienced with a traditional life insurance plan.

You never have to undergo a medical exam to apply or meet with our agents face-to-face through our process. When it comes to our over 50 life insurance plan, our goal is streamlined service and simplified eligibility.

Our Over 50 Life Insurance plan overview:

  • Your health has no impact on your eligibility for our plan. Unlike most traditional policies, our over 50 life insurance doesn’t require you to undergo a medical exam to apply.

  • There is no need to meet face-to-face with agents or fill out mountains of paperwork when applying for coverage.

  • We offer over-the-phone service for every step of our process. From getting your free quote to learning about your options to finally making a purchase, you can do it all on the phone from the comfort of home.

  • Your coverage is issued in as little as a single business day with most of our plans, giving you more peace of mind knowing your plan is ready with no waiting periods.

  • Our plan provides your beneficiaries with guaranteed tax-free benefits.

As experts in the simplified life insurance field, we’re aware of the struggles Canadians over 50 go through when trying to get insured through a traditional plan. That is why we pride ourselves on offering life insurance coverage that is easy to apply for and provides reliable coverage.

Would you like to learn more about your options and get a free no-obligation quote? Please complete our short free quote form now, and our team will reach out to you to get started.