HBC Financial Over 50 Life Insurance

Hudson Bay Company, in partnership with Canadian Premier Life, offers Life 50 Plus, life insurance designed for those over 50 that guarantees you can never be denied coverage for any reason. There are no medical exams or health questions needed to qualify.

Details of the plan:

  • Available for those ages 50 to 75.

  • Coverage options from $5,000 to $25,000, with premiums starting at $10.05 per month.

  • Acceptance is guaranteed. You cannot be denied coverage for any reason.

  • You do not need to go through a medical exam or answer any health questions.

  • Your premiums are guaranteed. Your costs will never increase as you age, or if your health changes.

  • 50% compassionate advance if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Here at Specialty Life we specialize in life insurance for individuals over the age of 50, with plans offering eligibility up to age 85. Our relationship with leading Canadian insurers provides access to a wide range of no medical insurance policies including Guaranteed Issue. With easy underwriting you can be covered in a matter of days. Apply for a quote and discover your options.