Affordable funeral expense coverage for Canadians in New Brunswick

As we age, we begin to wonder how we can protect our loved ones when we pass away. The cost of a funeral in New Brunswick can be as high as $10,000, and if you do not have a plan to deal with this situation, it can put a financial burden on your family.

The best thing is to be prepared with our funeral expense coverage, which is easy, fast, and affordable. Our capable advisors will be happy to assist you throughout the application process to prevent your loved ones from facing these costs alone.

Funeral expense coverage benefits

  • Our application is fast and straightforward, with no medical exam barriers to stop you from getting the coverage you need.

  • The plan provides up to $25,000 in entirely tax-free benefit amounts paid directly to your beneficiaries.

  • We only have two requirements when you apply for coverage: be between the ages of 18-74 and be a permanent resident of New Brunswick.

  • We provide coverage options that can fit into any budget and work for your unique needs.

We have experienced agents across New Brunswick ready to help you safeguard your family's financial future with our life insurance for funeral expenses. With our fast, stress-free application process, you do not need to schedule appointments with agents or worry about your health to get coverage because we've removed all of those requirements from our plan to make it easy, fast, and affordable.

To learn more about your coverage options and get a free, no-obligation quote, complete our simple online application now on our website and protect the financial security of the people who matter most to you.