Affordable funeral expense coverage for Canadians in Alberta

The average cost of a funeral in Alberta is around $10,000, an unexpected expense that can significantly affect family finances if they are not prepared to cover the costs. Our Life Insurance for Funeral Expenses provides peace of mind to your loved ones during a painful and challenging time. The plan provides support to cover funeral costs, transportation and service fees, burial plots and can even leave a legacy for your family. The application process is barrier-free, without the need for medical exams, face-to-face meetings, and paperwork. Through this process, we’ve already helped thousands of Canadians in Alberta find affordable and effective coverage.

A detailed look at the benefits of our Life Insurance for Funeral Expenses:

  • Our application is straightforward, with no medical exam barriers to stop you from getting the coverage you need.

  • The plan provides up to $25,000 in entirely tax-free benefit amounts paid directly to your beneficiaries.

  • The application can be done online with our fast application process. There are no face-to-face meetings with agents or mountains of paperwork required that will prevent you from being covered.

  • Forget about long waiting periods because most of our coverage options can be issued and active in just one business day.

  • Our plan is accessible to Alberta residents, offering eligibility up to age 80.

We have a team of experienced advisers in Alberta who have helped thousands of Canadians purchase funeral expense life insurance tailored for their needs.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the options available, please complete our simple form on our website now to get a free no-obligation quote.