No Medical Exam Seniors Life Insurance in Alberta

When seniors living in Alberta are in need of simple and affordable life insurance options, the plans need to be accessible with as few barriers as possible. Typically, conventional life insurance plans have a lengthy and restrictive application process that requires barriers like an invasive medical exam. These challenging applications and the information they need like age, financial status, and health conditions can affect your ability to be eligible for coverage and the amount you pay for premiums.

Our seniors life insurance solutions are tailored to help Canadian seniors in Alberta find affordable and effective coverage without the hassle of traditional plan applications. Our streamlined process is fast and gets you the financial protection you need for your loved ones.

Seniors life insurance made easy:

  • No medical exams are necessary to be eligible for coverage. The most significant barrier is no longer a concern with our simple and affordable coverage option.

  • Guaranteed options are available. If you have more complicated health issues, our guaranteed life insurance options are a great way to get coverage without worrying about your medical history getting in the way.

  • Eligibility up to age 80. Our plans offer a wide range of eligibility ages and provide reliable coverage to more Canadians.

  • Simple applications. When you apply for coverage, we don’t require you to meet face-to-face with agents or complete mountains of paperwork. Everything from getting a free quote to purchasing your coverage is done right over the phone.

We work across Alberta and have years of experience providing Canadians with affordable seniors life insurance plans. Our team is always available to help you with any questions and is ready to walk you through every aspect of your plan options. If you would like a free no-obligation quote, please complete our short free quote form now!