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Term to Age 100 Life Insurance

Term 100 Life Insurance is a type of permanent life insurance which lasts for a lifetime, and remains payable up to age 100. After age 100, payments cease but the policy continues. Some Term 100 Life Insurance policies offer you the option to pay up the policy early, in as little as 10 or 20 years in many cases.

Term 100 life insurance is among the most popular of permanent life insurance policies, as the lack of savings or investment components allow it to remain one of the cheapest ways to be insured for life. Because of this, Term 100 Life Insurance offers the following advantages:

  • Fixed rates for life and permanent coverage means that you can always depend on what this policy provides.

  • Remains ideal for individuals whose financials needs are unlikely to change over a long period of time.

  • Are looking for a low-cost option to help settle final affairs and allocate a will.

  • Simple and effective for those who either aren’t concerned with investments, or already have an investment profile in place.

We specialize in life insurance for individuals over the age of 50, with plans offering eligibility up to age 85. Our relationship with leading Canadian insurers provides access to a wide range of no medical insurance policies including Guaranteed Issue. With easy underwriting you can be covered in a matter of days. Apply for a quote and discover your options.