Affordable and Straightforward Over 50 Life Insurance in British Columbia

In British Columbia, Canadians over 50 have struggled with getting the right life insurance plan in the past. Whether it is a current or previous health issue, a family history of medical conditions, or because of facing a past denial, traditional life insurance coverage isn’t always the best solution. The complex and lengthy application process alone is enough to make going with a conventional plan all the more difficult.

We understand this challenge, and that is why we offer our over 50 life insurance plans. This coverage option is designed with accessibility in mind, with a more straightforward application process and easier eligibility requirements. Over 50 life insurance can help cover debts like a mortgage for your loved ones or leave them with a lasting legacy that will help keep them reach important milestones in life.

The benefits of our over 50 life insurance:

  • A simple application process with no medical exams or complicated paperwork is required to be eligible for coverage.

  • If you’ve experienced a denial in the past, your health cannot be a barrier to obtaining coverage with our life insurance.

  • We do not require you to meet face-to-face with agents when you apply.

  • Your plan’s benefit is paid directly to your selected beneficiaries entirely tax-free when a claim is made.

Our agents work across British Columbia and provide Canadians with affordable and reliable over 50 life insurance options. We helped thousands of Canadians over the age of 50 in British Columbia get the coverage they need that works with their budget. Our team can ensure we can provide more Canadians in British Columbia with accessible coverage options through our simplified application process.

If you are interested in learning more about our over 50 life insurance plans and get a free no-obligation quote, please complete our free quote form now.