Affordable funeral expense coverage for Canadians in Prince Edward Island

Traditional life insurance plans are often expensive and require complicated applications and multiple meetings with agents to apply for a plan. These plans have become a significant barrier that has prevented many Canadians in Prince Edward Island from getting the coverage they need for their end-of-life costs.

That’s why we created life insurance for funeral expenses that remove those pain points and offers a straightforward application process with simpler eligibility requirements. Our affordable plan can help cover your final expenses such as medical bills, your funeral costs and even leave a legacy behind for your loved ones.

How our life insurance for funeral expenses makes getting insured for people in Prince Edward Island

  • Our coverage helps to spare your family from the financial stress of dealing with your final costs and other debts.

  • Our policies do not require medical exams, face-to-face meetings with agents, or paperwork when you apply for coverage.

  • We offer guaranteed fixed premiums, so you always know how much your coverage costs.

  • Your health does not affect your eligibility for our plans.

  • Our policy offers easy eligibility requirements providing coverage options to more residents in Prince Edward Island.

  • Most of our plans have a fast approval process allowing you to get covered the same day you apply.

We understand how important it is to you to protect your family. We also know how complicated it can be for residents of Prince Edward Island to find coverage for their funeral expenses. That is why we’ve created simplified life insurance for funeral expenses. No matter how complicated your case is, we will guide you throughout the process to obtain affordable coverage that meets your needs without requiring medical exams, paperwork, or lengthy application processes.

If you are interested in knowing more about your options, please feel free to complete our short free quote form now. Our team of life insurance advisors will help you find the right life insurance for funeral expenses at an affordable price that meets your coverage needs.