Affordable funeral expense coverage for Canadians in Newfoundland and Labrador

For years Canadians in Newfoundland and Labrador have had trouble getting the right funeral expense coverage plan. Our goal is to help you get the coverage you need to protect the future of those who matter most to you, without a tiring process and, above all, without stress. The application process of our plan has eliminated the need for medical exams, endless meetings with agents, and the completion of a mountain of paperwork. Our life insurance for funeral expenses will help you cover your end-of-life expenses in addition to leaving a legacy to your loved ones that will help them reach important milestones in life.

Key benefits of our accessible life insurance for funeral expenses

  • Have you been denied coverage due to health problems? With our plan, you do not need medical exams to apply.

  • There are only two requirements for coverage: be between 18 and 74 years old and have a permanent address in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • The coverage flexibility we offer can help you get up to $25,000 in tax-free benefit amounts to protect your loved ones.

  • Our online applications are quick and easy, with no paperwork needed to complete to be eligible for coverage.

  • There are zero waiting periods for most plans, meaning you get your policy the same day you apply.

  • We provide coverage options that can fit into any budget and work for your unique needs.

Many Canadians in Newfoundland and Labrador have gone through the gruelling processes of obtaining funeral life insurance without succeeding. That’s why we created a more accessible plan designed around simple applications and easy eligibility. Our approach is quick and straightforward, with no medical exams or endless meetings, and most of all, no stress. Thanks to our simple plan, we have helped thousands of Newfoundlanders find coverage that will help their family members pay for their end-of-life expenses.

If you are interested in purchasing life insurance for funeral expenses, please complete our short inquiry form for a free, no-obligation quote to get started now.