Affordable funeral expense coverage for Canadians in Manitoba

For the most challenging times in life, it is essential to have the support of experts who can help your family. That’s why we’ve redesigned how people apply for and purchase coverage to help Canadians in Manitoba obtain hassle-free life insurance for funeral expenses.

Our team has extensive experience in the life insurance market in Canada, and thanks to this knowledge, we created a plan that is easy to obtain and affordable. Let our consultants who work throughout Manitoba help you secure the financial future of your loved ones.

Our life insurance for funeral expenses overview:

  • Your health does not impede your eligibility for coverage. Our life insurance does not require medical exams or blood tests to be eligible.

  • With our plan, you do not need to meet with agents or fill out endless documents, unlike traditional life insurance for funeral expenses.

  • The entire process to obtain your life insurance can be done over the phone, from getting your quote, reviewing your options, and purchasing the policy.

  • Most of our policies can be issued in just one business day, so your plan is active without long waiting periods.

  • The plan provides entirely tax-free benefit amounts paid directly to your loved ones after a claim.

We are aware of the complications that Canadians over the age of 50 face when applying for funeral expense life insurance. That is why we have advisers throughout Manitoba, guiding you to achieve the coverage you have been denied so much. With our plan, no tedious agent meetings or worrying about your health and its effect on your eligibility. If you’re ready to discover your coverage options, feel free to fill out our short free quote form on our site. Once submitted, one of our representatives will contact you and provide your no-obligation quote and plan options.