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Empire Life Insurance

Founded in 1936 and based out of Kingston, ON, Empire Life focuses on providing diverse options in life insurance, investments and group insurance. In the individual sector Empire Life offers term life insurance in 10 and 20 year terms. The company also provides whole life insurance, participating life insurance, universal life insurance as well as their unique product hybrid life insurance. This particular policy is designed to offset the cost of living by offering decreased premiums when interest rates rise.

Empire Life Term Life Insurance

  • Available to Canadians ages 18 to 75;

  • 10 and 20-year term policies, renewable and convertible with no medical exam;

  • Coverage begins at $10,000, up to $5 million;

  • Available as a joint policy;

Empire Life Solution 100 Permanent Insurance

  • Protection for life, with guaranteed premiums;

  • Available for Canadians up to age 75;

  • Payments stop at age 100. Coverage is not cancelled at any time;

  • A cash value builds on this policy starting in the 4th year.

We work directly with Empire Life and are able to provide all their latest insurance products. Our specialty is life insurance solutions for individuals over 50, including a full range of no medical and guaranteed issue products. Apply for a quote and discover your options.