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Joint Life Insurance

When you and your partner need coverage, some insurance providers may allow you to file a joint application. There a number of advantages that make joint life insurance a great way to insure you and your partner, and these policies typically take the average of both insured’s ages to find the premium, which can allow this type of insurance to cost less.

Joint First-to-Die

This policy pays the benefit to whichever spouse survives after the death of one of the insured. This type of insurance is an effective way of providing financial security to a loved one who may depend on you for care. Some joint policies allow you to renew the policy at adjusted rates and coverage following a claim.

Joint Last-to-Die

This type of joint life policy pays the benefit to a designated beneficiary when both the insured has died. For couples who wish to leave their family with financial support, this type of joint life insurance is an affordable and simple solution.

We specialize in life insurance for individuals over the age of 50, with plans offering eligibility up to age 85. Our relationship with leading Canadian insurers provides access to a wide range of no medical insurance policies including Guaranteed Issue. With easy undewriting you can be covered in a matter of days. Apply for a quote and discover your options.