The Best Vacation Getaways Canadians Over 50 Are Flocking To

Canadians over the age of 50 are getting more and more adventurous with their travel destinations in recent years. The US vacation getaways are always reliable and traditional but now seniors are changing up their travel plans and heading overseas to explore new parts of the world. Here some conventional and out-of-the-box travel locations that anyone over 50 can enjoy.

1. Florida – The Classic

The state of Florida has always been a go-to winter getaway for many Canadians and it will continue to be for some time to come. The comfortable climate, beaches, and multitude of senior-friendly activities are the main reasons pulling Canadians to the sunshine state.

As for top cities in the state, Miami and Palm Beach are the typically the east cost favourites while Tampa and Fort Myers are hot-spots on the west coast. These cities have world renown restaurants as well as tailored facilities that provide a variety of services and activities for travelers over 50.

2. Hawaii – Tropical Paradise

If you are looking for a location with beautiful tropic scenery in the western hemisphere you don’t need to look further than the islands of Hawaii. The climate is typically comfortable year-round making any time of the year a great time to visit and experience the many outdoor activities and breathtaking sights.
Popular cities in Hawaii include Waikiki, Maui, Kahului, and Pahoa; each of which offers accommodating and diverse communities for retirees.

3. Costa Rica – Relaxation in Central America

A popular travel destination for any tourist, Costa Rica has also always been a favourite for seniors looking to avoid the usual US destinations. Besides sparkling beaches, Costa Rica has a lush and vibrant mountainside that perfectly frames the countries sights and experiences.

Providing more adventurous experiences like ziplining and rainforest hikes while also sporting dazzling resorts and spas, Costa Rica definitely caters to both those looking for relaxation as well as those seeking a more active getaway.

4. New Zealand – A Far Off Adventure

This gem doesn’t seem to come up too often for travelers over 50, but it really should. With clean and environmentally friendly tourist destinations, amazing seafood, and stunning views both on the cost and inland, there are plenty of reasons to visit New Zealand.

The city of Christchurch has a number of lavish gardens, public parks, and live music acts that make it a nice little excursion for those looking to explore a picturesque city space. People looking for a different way to tour the island can do so by horseback on guided horse treks or if that isn’t for you, you can tour the links by visiting one of the many golf courses across the country.

5. Thailand – Travel in the Heart of Southeast Asia

While Thailand can be a culture shock for some travelers you won’t find a more out of the norm travel destination that you’ll easily fall in love with. Delectable food, historic and religious locations, and comfortable sandy beaches help to make Thailand an easy recommendation for Canadians over 50 looking for a new getaway.

Being Properly Insured So You Can Enjoy Your Time Away

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